Wednesday, June 17, 2009

aku yang mengantok

im sneezing da whole day yesterday n sambung pagi tok till now. oh, i cant afford to fall sick eh. dis may be the cause from lack of sleep, its not that i wana neglect my body to rest, but my mind couldnt stop tinking of dat "things"! n i dunno wats da reason for me to kip on tink n tink n tink da same tink+same issues+same facts! damn it! it seems like it will be running thru my blood soon, huihhuh..please please oh please i hate to feel dis way, i hate to kip dis tings inside me but i cant express it. dats da problem wif me. out of all things, i just cant. dats it. oh ya, now i figure out dat dis is da main probs to my sleeping disorder symptom lately n i keep on pampering mysef to allow it to grow up actively in my mind, so weak of u!i hate mysef for kip dis tings, i hate mysef for not being me myself anymore, n i hate mysef for allowing people to hurt me;(. a lot of tingy stucked inside my brain now, if not even tinking of my liabilities...hurmmm...probably im in sum "place" where no one know my existence.start new life. new things. learn to accept new people.learn to mingle wif strangers. live life fully without kip on tingking very much of other people. ya Allah ya tuhanku, give me a strength to live wif dis kinda tings, padamu aku berserah dan Kau tunjukkan aku jalan yg Kau redha.amin.

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  1. owh.. sudah jd blogger..yeay!

    if ure following my blog, im at right now..

    welcome to d club!!!!