Tuesday, June 16, 2009

planet sambal

i had my lunch tonite wif mak n bapak@ planet sambal, situated next to SOHO. a gud place to eat actually, the surrounding, the way they renovate the place really attract my eyes, coz the place was conquered wif pink color;) i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

my mood is not stable today since i burst out my anger to sumone who i prefer to call as "bodohsombong" type of person,huh! he made a mistake, obviously, n this is not the 1 st time he was caught by me, but a number of time, n to make it worst, he dare to answer me back! damn it! this kinda people never realised the mistakes they made & he only knew how to cover their stupidity by telling others that the one who scolded them (which is me!) hasnt show respect to him! WTF! how shud sumone respect for this kinda people who never learned from their past mistakes! huh! he really ruined my mood for da whole afternoon! damn it!


  1. perenggan happy sikit je... perenggan angry panjanggggg... huhuhu..

  2. geram tahap gaban lah beb. dats my weaknesses.tp da next day dah ok. betegur jer cam biasa.i tak simpan lam hati punya org.