Friday, June 19, 2009

people come & go but the memories no matter how bitter or sweet, remained.

through out my life, i met thousands type of people, da pretender, da actor, da straight, da hypocrites, da mumy's boy, da dady's puppy, da spoilt brat, da innocent etc. im not judging people but obviously, but by observing people behaviour makes u tink," how dis guy can end up wif dis kinda gal where he deserves sumone beter than her?" dis Q was asked by one of a gafren of mine when we bump into a tall+dark +handsome+lists of 100 guys gal hunting for wif his sweet plum munchkin+ a simple+humble+plain type of gal, well, to make it simple, they are TOTALLY contrast i.e. the beauty & the beast or shrek & fiona. i reply to her Q, babe, we owez prejudge people by way he/she look but one thing dat we dun realised, the purity of a heart. dat is why he chose her, the way she treat him+the way she appreciate his existence+the way she mingles people around him+the way she bring herself wif or without him around+her maturity towards their relationship+her actions when they are involved in arguments+how they tackle it+how they get thru their own list it all down, hell a lot! but dis are sum of it when a guy like him see in dat gal which we blindly didnt realised. we owez tote perfect guy have to be wif perfect gal bla bla bla....yeah..after all, wat makes life beter each & every day is wen u found sumone who can fill ur weakness, hurmmm..kip on hunting gal!


  1. I cant agree more. But one thing, while looking for the right one, gud heart are just not enough. U can say, "hey, love a person that love u" but should we keep the dissapointment and live with that for the rest of our life? If we can, thats a blessed and if not it will be long-everyday-battle-hunt-your-life-forever. Try and error is exceptional. i wouldnt dare to even think of it.

    Merely opinion babe, n u know i always love u for understand me.

    hugs **

    p/s: nice writting anyway, reminds me of all ur notes in ur compartment that u always paste and ask me to read.. haha

  2. Hallo My Ju Ju ...bur!
    ada Blog ya..
    aku dah jadi follower..
    bagus utk improve English rasanya ..

  3. 2 months ago last post??? update weh :DS