Thursday, June 18, 2009

rindu yang sik sampey

hurmm...susahnya menahan hati.ambak ati jak. tapi, yalah. sumtime ,silent can be the best arm for keeping peace. im not being harsh. im not mean. but, everybody deserve to be order for people to be happy, they have to meet other people so that they can forget the sad things dat ever happened in their lives or any sad stories before. so, for me, to let sumone hepy, its beter for you to refrain ursef to get close to them or else the tendency for them to find their happiness will never happen, i presume! wateva people tink da way i do, da way i say things, da way i treat them, i hope n i rili hope they knew y i did this, not because im bad or not because i try to exclude mysef, but, by still having me in their existence, its impossible for them to muv on as my existence will affects the new one. dats it. so, i choose dis way. let it be remained like this. for the good sake of everybody, i choose & i've decided.

"if u love sumone, sets him free, if he comes back to you, he's urs, if his neither, he never was".

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