Monday, June 15, 2009

hari isnin

hari isnin, pemulaan hari, tp aku sgt sgt malas, xtauk pahal...jez feel empty.kosong. why?lotsa things flying in my minds, works, future, people surrounding, history (who come & go), well actually, i allowed it to be dat way (damn!), how to manage my finance (sumtime i tink dat im having a financial crisis especially wen im broke for which nobody knows!) tinking of being a partimer lecturer, but till todate havent finished fill in my resume(gosh), why am i being so procrastinated?!!kip on telling mysef everyday but still do da same routine! damn it!sumtime i hate mysef, to the extent i feel stress n end up sleeping to avoid it! i noe dat im having bad lifestyle ;( , now wat i nid is guts to change mysef! now! n dis is my 2nd blog after i create da 1st one, but since my babes couldnt find it, so i intend to create another one. see u guys then.

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